Thank you so much for sharing my article, Nicholas! I just subscribed to your newsletter, there are so many great resources there…thank you so much for sending that. Regarding Upwork, it definitely takes time to find clients on there who are willing to pay what they should…I have found that working with agencies/established companies on there is far better than just working with individuals, as agencies typically have larger budgets, more flexibility, and consistent work. I would provide several price tiers when pitching price quotes. Here’s an example:

  • $300 for a project with one revision and a two-week deadline
  • $400 for a project with two revisions and a one-week deadline
  • $500 for a project with three revisions and a 3-day deadline

Or something along those lines. Surprisingly, clients ALWAYS opt for the most expensive option! They typically like having more revisions and receiving the piece back quickly.

So, it does take time to find clients who are willing to pay what they should on Upwork, but when I have found those clients, they have been very much worth the time it took to find them.

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